Who is this site for, exactly? Seems pretty niche.

This site is for anyone who has an interest in becoming a better healthcare provider.

This site is for anyone who has ever made an error in judgment or execution.

The concepts on this site are often pulled from areas outside of medicine and can easily be applied to any situation where mindfulness is needed, or where small mistakes can be costly.

I’m a (nursing student/patient care tech/scribe/paramedic/attending), does the information on this site apply to me?

Of course! We strongly believe that anyone can benefit from more introspection in their daily practice. This site was conceived during daily work as a staff nurse, and executed during training as a medical student. The information contained herein is applicable no matter where you fall on the care spectrum. Interestingly, students receive more training on heuristics than the rest of us, but it’s generally limited to “how to study/learn” type topics and is hard to translate outside of the classroom context.