The Site

Clinician Cognition is a #FOAMed inspired site focused on the heuristics of modern healthcare.  While there are many outstanding resources on the Internet and elsewhere which discuss clinical care itself – namely, the evidence and interventions for achieving superior outcomes – we wanted to create a site which focuses solely on what happens inside the mind of a bedside clinician, and which provides tips and tricks for making deductive and inductive reasoning more foolproof. We believe that introspection and self-regulation of heuristic processes are crucial to safe and effective practice, and we’re excited to share more with you about how we can all utilize mindful practice to become better clinicians.

The Author

Spencer Heath has worn several hats during his seven years in healthcare, mainly as a feeble attempt to conceal male-pattern baldness. He has filled the roles of Patient Care Technician, Staff Nurse, Licensed Paramedic, ECMO Specialist, Medical Student, and others, all with the goal of providing patients with the best resuscitative care possible regardless of the environment.